9teen she/her infp
bisexual black&white aries ♈︎

this is my priv/main, so I tweet about my life and my interests. I tweet/RT a lot. I have anxiety so I tweet my anxious thoughts. please tw vomit and police brutality. that’s all I ask.
vomit [emetophobia]. tomatoes. milk. “all lives matter”. conservatives. bts antis. edgy for no reason ppl. btspoppers who hate on kpop.
lovescasual lover
bts twice txt somi yeri - rvfromis_9 :( dean bp itzy apink (-bomi) izone iu chungha
taylor swift megan thee stallion kehlani clairo sza zendaya miguel fleetwood mac
strawberries. cats. tea. tiktok. pink. “it’s okay to not be okay”. french. documentaries. fics. emojis. bts rap line.